"Our Vision is to erect a city within a city designed to Empower the people by Challenging, Teaching, Training, and Helping them to understand their greatest resource is their own Mind and the potential of this unlimited resource can be maximized by unwavering faith in that reality."
When your greatest desire in life stretches far beyond financial profits, in my opinion, your life has truly begun. The purpose in generating massive amounts of wealth from our perspective should be to initiate lasting life change. This change should not only be available to us, but for all who desire to maximize the potential of their lives.

Billionaire Carter's Vision is to erect a city within a city designed to empower their Citizens and cause positive long term impact. How will we do this? I'm glad you ask!

This Dream will manifest as we strengthen our Citizens by challenging, teaching, and training them, as we hold them accountable to line their daily choices up with their new ideas. All Accomplishment begins in Thought. We will help them to realize their greatest resource is their own mind, and this well of treasure can be "cashed in" or realized by unwavering faith in that reality.

Many of the conveniences we enjoy today are because ordinary individuals like Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim Helu, Amanico Ortega, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and many others were courageous enough to reduce their thoughts to organized plans and specified goals. Their faithfulness to carry out what were said to be humanly impossible tasks prove that all accomplishment begins with a thought or a vision which is what brings us to where we are today.

The spirit of Capitalism partnered with the heartbeat of Entrepreneurship is the fuel that will drive this city into its Unlimited Potential.

Our people are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge. This can be made to manifest itself in two phases. In one respect we are destroyed as a result of things we may not have learned. A greater tragedy is having obtained knowledge but failed to apply it. Both instances are fatal.

Here at The Billionaire Business Group our Vision is to equip our Citizens with the necessary information they need to succeed in all areas of their lives, as well as to help them with the application of knowledge so they will have a better chance of producing ongoing results as they mature and develop on different levels and stages. Our Citizens will be taught to realize success comes from within and your dreams will only be as real as your commitment to work for them. We believe many people deal with similar struggles irregardless of their current economic status. Whether our Citizens are financially free or come from poverty stricken or low income backgrounds, our obligation will definitely start with giving our Citizens the same image their Creator had for them in the beginning. Many individuals have an overflow of finances, but their bankrupt when it comes to inner peace or having a sense of purpose. On the other hand, there is another group that has peace of mind and contentment within themselves, but they struggle financially. Neither of the two are fully Prosperous because when the full manifestation comes forth it produces wholeness in every area. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, as well as Financially. Our desire is that our Citizens lack nothing in any one of these areas and that is our idea of Success.

Where we are today doesn't have to be our final destination but many won't realize that until we expose them to a new thought process.

BBG will be a modern day version of the actual structures Solomon built during his reign as King. The city will be made up of:

The House of Restoration (a place for spiritual mentor-ship, weddings, community events, etc.)
The House of Wisdom (our school system that will range from infants to college students)
The Palace (an upper class hotel suitable for Kings and Queens to house the homeless, widows, miscreants, abused men, women, children, unemployed, and the like) and of course the many businesses will be owned and operated by the city.

The City will be able to house 5,000 families in Solomon's Palace with accommodations available for 2 member families to 8 member families or larger.

The Palace will provide a cafeteria for 3 full meals and 2 light refreshments a day. All meals and snacks will be healthy and nutritious because the city realizes that a healthy body is one of the foundational components to all true success. The City will provide physical fitness and recreation opportunities through the Palace including: Olympic size swimming pools, racket ball courts, NBA style gymnasium, fully equipped exercise facilities, an ATV racetrack, skating rink, bowling alley, and much more. We will promote good health mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically as well as financially. We will provide a variety of self help classes from parenting, to cash flow management, marriage and many other variations of counseling, entrepreneurship, professional sales, GED, anger management, sexual education, discipleship classes on how to live by design, and many courses will be added as the need arises.

People who qualify for the program will come from many walks of life. From high school and college students who were not able to complete school for various reasons, to low income families who need training for a new career, to single mothers to abused women, to individuals who have been unemployed for 3 months or more, to miscreants who need training or housing and many other situations will be considered.

It will undoubtedly take an overflow of finances for us to accomplish our Vision and we can't do it alone. But, what it will take more than finances is a Unified Spirit of hungry, focused, Tenacious, individuals with Can Do Thinking, who refuse to quit until we win. Help us to help individuals who aren't able to help themselves at this stage in their life by securing our services and supporting our events. As individuals we can definitely be effective. So what does that tell us we can accomplish as a Unified team? The Limit Is Unlimited and we'll speak with you soon!