About Johnny B. Carter

About Johnny B. Carter

Welcome Brainstormer, and thanks for visiting! This is an overview of my early life, career turning points, and the call to help Dreamers "Grow from Wishing to Winning" as it relates to the fulfillment of their desire!
Johnny B. is a 35-year-old successful businessman, father, and philanthropist committed to strengthening the Dreamers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


In his early life, Johnny B. grew up in a low-income household with hard working parents full of faith and imagination. This environment is where seeds of greatness were sown, watered, and cultivated on a regular basis.

This taught him valuable principles about Survival, Leadership, Integrity, Faith, Teamwork, Imagination, and most importantly, the power of having a sense of humor, regardless of the circumstances.

At an early age he knew he was different but wasn't sure how to reach his potential. As his family suffocated financially, it became apparent business ownership was the way.

Although the first business he saw his family start ended tragically, his mind never swayed from the reality that his path to freedom would be found on the road of Entrepreneurship.

In his early career, the Young Brainstormer became a professional sales representative and was consistently the number one producer in a variety of industries. One job in particular stands out more than others because it ended up being a blessing in disguise for this diamond in the rough.

Apart from the daily preparation, he was expected to meditate on positive audio recordings, as well as, reading and summarizing the same types of material in the evenings at home.

He learned embracing, understanding, and applying proven knowledge with verified principles. This can often be more powerful than being written a large check.


The crossroad, for Johnny B., was when he committed himself to understanding and perfecting these empowering principles his coaches and trainers challenged him to connect with and apply daily.

His influences of Mentorship, Leadership, and Training Methods include top Entrepreneurs like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, and Keith Shumaker to name a few.

Their messages, their way of thinking, their knowledge, their personal stories and most importantly, their application of the principles were all intriguing and mind-altering for Mr. Carter.


Johnny B. developed a Burning Desire to fully understand how to shape his world through is Dominant Thoughts and Daily Actions. He refused to operate any other way and committed himself to the quest of implementing perfecting these new ideas and theories in his life.

His success story began with him having a made-up mind he would maximize his unlimited potential, no matter how unrealistic it seemed to those who saw where he began.


With his superhero like ability, he's helped a variety of companies increase employee engagement, and productivity, which is priceless for most businesses. In addition to having an awesome corporate track record, Johnny B. has assisted Dreamers of all ages in connecting to their purpose in life, as they work to become the best versions of themselves.

The Call to Help Others

Johnny B. Carter has a proven track record, and he is committed to adding greater value to your life, as his philosophy and principles are embraced and practiced.

His mission is to inspire people to Believe, Dream, Learn, Take Action, and Persevere. We will help Dreamers to accept the reality that our only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.

How We're Making an Impact

We are partnered with the Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative, an International Training organization committed to excellence. Our goal early on was to eliminate guess work, and only operate according to proven principles. With ELI being a leading Authority in Entrepreneurship Training and Education, the Billionaire Business Group is poised to empower willing, hungry Dreamers, all over the world!

The state-of-the-art life-changing Icehouse programs have proven to be effective for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Many Ice House graduates have gone on to build massive organizations that have been instrumental in empowering their communities, personal lives, and finances.

Our Billionaire Brainstorming team of BBG Wellness Challenge participants are making an impact every day through our Mission. We care about your growth and progress in life.

Keynote Motivational Speaking

Our team of BBG Wellness Challenge Participants is equipped to provide a variety of Keynote speaking options for Businesses, Schools and Ministries through seminars, workshops, and corporate conventions.

BBG Mindset Matters

College freshman dropout rates are now 25% and higher proving that personal and Educational Mindset Training is mandatory. A recent Gallup survey shows Employee Engagement has consistently averaged less than 33%, leaving 67% disengaged in the workforce and that number continues to grow. But, have no fear, The BBG is here!

The poor invest in entertainment and luxuries, while the rich invest in Entrepreneurial Education and Personal Development. What does that show us? Whether were winners or wishers, how we invest our time, money, and energy are shaping us into who we are. The good news is, if we don't like our results, we can make adjustments whenever were ready!

The most recognized and accomplished Entrepreneurs of the past, as well as our leading authorities of today all agree that progression and accomplishment in life is realized as a result of the Mindset Training, and Personal Mentorship, they've invested in throughout their Careers. We believe that success leaves clues, so this is a safe pattern to follow!

So, our "Earn While You Learn" BBG Mindset Matters Program, combines proven mindset and personal development strategies, with the Mentorship, Training, and Coaching needed to create an income you desire with an internal response system and lifestyle to match. We care about your goals, and productivity in life and we look forward to assisting you on your journey.

BBG Mindset | Entrepreneur Training

We are partnered with the Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative Training Organization. We are a leading Authority and entrepreneurship training and education.
A state-of-the-art life-changing Icehouse programs have proven to be effective for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Many ice house graduates have gone on to build massive organizations, and have been effective in their communities and personal lives.

The most recognized entrepreneurs of today all agree that success in life is a result of the mindset training, and personal mentorship, they've invested in throughout their Careers.
So, our "earn while you learn" BBG mindset matters program, combines proven business strategies, with the personal mentorship needed to create an income you desire.
Our billionaire brainstorming team is making an impact every day through our mission. We care about your goals, and success in life.