"True Wealth Begins with Phenomenal Health"

The best version of yourself isn't far out of reach, when the student is ready the teacher will teach. Winning takes place from the inside out, so stand and believe choose faith over doubt! - Billionaire Carter

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Are you an Employer, Community Leader, Education Director, or Dreamer with compassion for individuals who desire a lifestyle of total wellness?

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Are you aware of the devastating affects obesity and related health issues have on our workplace and country as a whole? Would you agree that being unhealthy affects all areas of one's life?

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Do you believe if you help enough people get what they want with the right motive, you'll eventually have all you desire? Are you of the persuasion that true fulfillment stretches far beyond financial gain?

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A Message from Johnny B.

Founder of the Billionaire Business Group and BBG Wellness Challenge

Our Reality

Dreaming partnered with Desire, Drive, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline will create our daily realities

■ Desire
■ Drive
■ Discipline
■ Dedication
■ Determination

Connect with the Billionaire Business Group and host a Champions Challenge as an organization or an individual! Outside of the Dallas, Texas area? No Worries! With partners in Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, California as well as in various other parts of the country, you can still be part of this movement!

The Billionaire Business Group is Guiding the Community Toward a Better Future

Your dream will only be as real as your commitment to work for it!

Often times, Baby Boomers need refreshed hope, Millennials need a vision and Adolescents need direction. The Billionaire Business Group Is here to Engage, Empower, and Impact Professional Dreamers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. From Dallas, Texas, to Seattle Washington, to San Francisco, California and many other regions around the country, the Billionaire Business Group is here to serve you!

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Ona Brown, motivational speaker and business coach, testifies about Johnny B. Carter

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