About Me

About Me

Welcome and thanks for visiting. This is an overview of my early life, and career turning points, and the call to help others realize their dreams!

Johnny is a 35 year-old successful businessman, father and philanthropist committed to strengthening the dreamers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


In his early life, Johnny grew up in a low-income household with his mother being the dominant Breadwinner and leader for the majority of his childhood.

This taught him valuable principles about survival, leadership, Integrity, Faith, teamwork, imagination, and the power of having a sense of humor, regardless of the circumstances.

At an early age he knew he was different, but wasn't sure how to reach his potential. As his family suffocated financially, it became apparent business ownership was the way.

Although the first business he saw his family start ended Tragically, his mind never swayed from the reality that hsi path to Freedom would be found on the road of Entrepreneurship.

In his early career, Johnny started selling and one job in particular stands out more than others because it ended up being a blessing in disguise for this diamond in the rough.

Apart from the daily preparation, his work was to listen to positive motivational audio recordings, as well as, reading the same types of material in the evenings at home.

He learned embracing, understanding, and applying proven knowledge with verified principles. This can often be more powerful than being written a large check.


The turning point, for Johnny, was when he committed himself to understanding and perfecting these empowering principles his coaches and trainers at challenged him to connect with.

His influences of mentorship, leadership, and training methods include top entrepreneurs like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, and more.

The messages, their way of thinking, their knowledge, their personal stories and their application of the principles were all intriguing and mind-altering for Mr. Carter.


Johnny could not accept the idea of going back to his old way of earning income. He became committed to the quest of perfecting these new ideas and theories in his life.

His success story began with him having a made up mind he would maximize his unlimited potential, no matter how unrealistic it seemed to those who saw where he started from.


With his superhero likability, he helped struggling companies increase employee management, and students connect to their purpose in life.