Who is the BBG?

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. This video is an overview of the billionaire business group. Where we are helping others to manifest their dreams!

The BBG, founded by Johnny B Carter a 35 year-old successful businessman, father, and philanthropist, is committed to strengthening the dreamers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Early Life

In early life, he learned valuable principles of survival, leadership, integrity, faith, teamwork , imagination and the power of having a sense of humor regardless of the circumstances.

At an early age for Johnny B it became apparent that business ownership was the way to provide stability in his future.

In his early career, he began to listen to positive motivational audio recordings, as well as, reading the same types of material in the evenings at home, but lacked any training.

Turning Points

The turning point, for Johnny B was when he committed himself to understanding and perfecting these empowering principles his coaches and trainers had challenged him to connect with.

His influences of mentorship, leadership, and training methods include top entrepreneurs like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Robert Kiyosaki.

Climbing the ladder

Johnny B founded the BBG to help a variety of companies to increase Employee Engagement, and individuals to connect to their purpose in life.

The Call To Help Others

When our proven billionaire brainstorming philosophy and principles are embraced and practiced, you will begin to maximize your own potential.

The BBG’s primary mission is to inspire our citizens to believe, dream, learn, take action, and persevere in daily life.

Our team of Professional Training strategies will help them to realize their only limitations are the ones they have placed on their selves.

BBG Vision

Our vision is to help others by challenging, teaching, training, and helping them to understand their greatest resources is their own minds.
BBG mindset matters

As the nation's unemployment rates today increase, so will the need for a professional and financial entrepreneurial education.

In the powerful book by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki the middle class is shrinking and America is becoming a two class society. Soon, you will be either rich or poor.

And people aged 18 to 67 with a 401k have less than 1/4 of what is needed in that account to maintain their standard of living after retirement.

One-on-One Coaching and Mentorship

So, according to Major thought leaders, many will need one-on-one coaching and mentorship, with strategic goal setting, idea cultivation, mindset training and personal development skills.
BBG mindset matters boot camps

Through our vision, we will cultivate the BBG mindset Philosophy for victorious life, and how to use your thoughts, and Imagination, to create the lifestyle you desire.

Keynote Motivational Speaking

Our billionaire brainstorming team for educate and motivate Business, Schools and Ministries through seminars, workshops, and corporate conventions.

BBG Mindset Matters

College freshman dropout rates are now 25% and higher proving that personal and educational mindset training is mandatory. A recent Gallup survey shows Employee Engagement has consistently averaged less than 33%, leaving 67% disengaged in the workforce.

The poor invest in entertainment and luxuries, while the rich invest in entrepreneurial education and personal development!

How We Are Making An Impact!

BBG Mindset | Entrepreneur Training

We are partnered with the Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative Training Organization. We are a leading Authority and entrepreneurship training and education.
A state-of-the-art life-changing Icehouse programs have proven to be effective for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Many ice house graduates have gone on to build massive organizations, and have been effective in their communities and personal lives.

The most recognized entrepreneurs of today all agree that success in life is a result of the mindset training, and personal mentorship, they've invested in throughout their Careers.
So, our “earn while you learn” BBG mindset matters program, combines proven business strategies, with the personal mentorship needed to create an income you desire.
Our billionaire brainstorming team of professional dreaming strategist are making an impact every day through our mission. We care about your goals, and success in life.

Thank you for watching. Please visit the founders Focus page for more information about our mindset success training.