"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperth."

Saint John


Are you aware that 78 million U.S. adults and 12.5 million U.S. children are obese? Isn't that staggering? Many working adults are stressed, and a large number of our teens are inactive. This monster is affecting lives in various ways and we believe our best chance at victory is making the process fun and rewarding. Did you realize employer offered wellness incentives have proven effective and are now worth double their value from only a few years prior? Here at the BBG, we believe we strengthen our future when we empower and equip our youth. Our Challenge is designed to address the silent killer of obesity, while improving our workplaces and providing hope for our dreamers of tomorrow. The number of jobs held by teens ages 14-18 years old shrank 33% in the last decade. That reality has led many of our youth down this dark road of obesity and is one of the foundational reasons we started the P.D.C.W. Challenge. We believe in helping our teens to use fear, failure, doubt, and disappointment as growth opportunities and not as stop signs. Employers benefit greatly from healthier employees, and most break-rooms have coffee! Why not improve the quality of that cup if its supports our youth and addresses a well known problem area in the process? Fun Fact: Your morning cup of coffee can do more than wake you up!  Hint: Our All Natural Non GMO Prevail Product Line will help you burn fat and improve your physical performance.

Now more than ever, Americans young and old struggle with weight-loss and obesity related health issues. These issues affect our parenting, our relationships, our application at work or school, as well as our extracurricular activities. When we’re unhealthy, often times that kills our confidence, as well as our value in the marketplace. Due to this epidemic, older more experienced workers are willing to work for less pay. This tragedy shrinks the job market for teens. Many employers prefer to pay for experience as opposed to inexperience, if the wage is the same. This has forced a large majority of young dreamers to consider earning opportunities outside of the traditional route. Here at The Billionaire Business Group we believe in creating win-win scenarios! Wouldn't it be super fulfilling to strengthen the concept of teamwork, support teenage entrepreneurs, improve the overall wellness of your employees, as you increase your bottom line in the process? Yes? Awesome! The Professional Dreaming Community Wellness Challenge does just that!

Whether you operate a small business, pastor a church, direct a university, or run a corporate machine, you know the importance of keeping your employees or members happy and healthy! Cut health-care costs by taking part in The Billionaire Business Group’s Professional Dreaming Community Wellness Challenge. We believe that rewards, and a fun environment of teamwork coupled with friendly competition and a sense of purpose are key components to having success in a incentive based wellness program. Healthier employees lower health-care costs, and improve employee engagement. Employees that are more focused are consistently more productive which is why many successful companies adopt these types of plan. Saving your business money, and increasing profit is a bonus, especially when you can help your employees or members as well as Jr entrepreneurs in the process.—Don't you agree? Wonderful. That's exactly why we've partnered with the C3Dreamteam, a group of teenage entrepreneurs focused on raising awareness for healthy eating mentally and physically, as well as promoting the power of teamwork, and accountability.

Our Valentus Prevail Product Line and our Mindset Education programs will help your employees not only improve their physical health, but also the thinking and habits that have led to nonproductive choices. For many these challenges have been costly lifelong issues and we've decided to be a part of the solution.

If you’re open to taking part in the Professional Dreaming Community Community Wellness Challenge, contact The Billionaire Business Group Today! We’ll send a representative to your place of business to discuss common weight-related issues and explain how our mindset success education and our Prevail Product Line by Valentus can help!

Achieve Personal and Business Success with Valentus

Is not being at an ideal weight limiting the personal productivity or hindering potential career advancements for your members, staff, or volunteers? Would you be open to a system of proven products, strategies, and principles that help to improve physical health, engagement, daily habits, and counterproductive thinking? Yes? Perfect! Set your team up to attract lasting success and results by joining The Billionaire Business Group's Professional Dreaming Community Wellness Challenge. One form of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Too often this applies to individuals without them being conscious of what their doing. Contact The Billionaire Business Group today! We'll send a Representative to your place of business to discuss how our Mindset Education and Prevail Product Line powered by Valentus can Simplify Wellness in your Workplace, and help your company to maximize its potential from the inside out!

From Seattle Washington to San Francisco California to Dallas TX and beyond The BBG is here for you. Our proven mindset education as well as our non-GMO all natural prevail product line will help your team be the best versions of themselves. We will literally show you how to improve employee or team member productivity, engagement, mental, physical and emotional health, as well as strengthen the vision and desire of teenage entrepreneurs. Wouldn't it be phenomenal to be a blessing in so many ways as you strengthen your reputation as well as the quality of life for your team members and community? Yes? Terrific!

Learn More about Valentus, our Prevail Product Line, and The Professional Dreaming Community Wellness Challenge by reaching out today.

"To live a life of absolute fulfillment we must manifest our Dreams"

Johnny B. Carter